Friday, 23 June 2017

literacy term 2 , wk8

Walt; my walt was to write a description about my Mum. Hello this is my writing for this week about my Mum. I love my Mum I'm not saying she is bad or anything like that.


My Mum has long blond hair with brown highlight and she always wears blue tops with jeans. She has great eyesight. Mum is about 5’’7. She has real teeth and a big smile. Most of the time she usually wears earrings and she wears make up all the time. Sometimes she wears sunglasses so you can’t see that she has brown eyes. She usually has her hair in a ponytail.
I don't know why but she doesn't really laugh much. I don't know why. She likes cake and chocolate. My Mum is about the same size as Mrs P.  Her voice is light.

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